Donald Trump Poised To Win, Despite All Odds

Donald Trump Poised To Win, Despite All Odds

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In perhaps the most unprecedented upset in political history, Donald Trump is poised to win the Presidential election. Trump had less money, less Party support, a narrower demographic, and a weak ground game. Despite all odds, Trump is poised to win — again.

How Donald Trump Won

So how did Donald Trump win? His path to victory required winning major swing states and flipping a couple of Democratic states. Trump did exactly that — winning North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Iowa, and Wisconsin to form a solid path to victory.

Things looked bad for the Democrats once it was reported that Ron Johnson (R) was reelected to the Senate, defeating Russ Feingold (D), who had a dominating lead in the polls.

As of 12:15 AM EST, here’s where Trump stands. He currently leads New Hampshire, Michigan, and Arizona as well. Trump is expected to win Alaska.

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Republicans Set to Take Government Supermajority

The Republicans won the House. With Senate upset wins in Wisconsin and Indiana, they looked poised to keep a Senate majority. With a Trump victory, they would take full control of the United States government. Add to that a conservative Supreme Court and you have got a throwback to the Reagan era in the United States.

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