These States Had The Highest Voter Turnout In 2016

These States Had The Highest Voter Turnout In 2016

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With the final votes being tallied, we have a clear picture of the states with the highest voter turnout in 2016. Even though these states turned out in large numbers, national turnout was at a 20-year low in the 2016 general election. When reading this list, keep in mind that these numbers represent the percentage of the voting eligible population which submitted a ballot on November 8, 2016. This includes day-of voters, early voters, and voters who submitted an absentee or mail-in ballot.

Ten States With Highest Voter Turnout in 2016

  1. Minnesota, 74.7%
  2. Maine, 72.9%
  3. New Hampshire, 72.6%
  4. Colorado, 71.9%
  5. Wisconsin, 69.4%
  6. Iowa, 68.8%
  7. Oregon, 68.4%
  8. Massachusetts, 67.9%
  9. Maryland, 66.6%
  10. Virginia, 65.8%

Data collected from United States Election Project

Election 2016 Turnout Analysis

Hillary Clinton (D) won eight of the ten states with the highest voter turnout. However, Donald Trump (R) did win Iowa and Wisconsin, two of the battleground states which tipped the election in his favor. Only three of these states — New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Virginia — have strict voter ID laws, which have been shown to suppress voter turnout, especially among minorities.

Although these states with high voter turnout showed up in large numbers to support Hillary Clinton, her support across the nation was lackluster. In fact, voter turnout fell by more than two percent in states that Hillary Clinton won.

It’s no surprise that voters were not enthusiastically supporting Hillary Clinton. Her favorables were among the lowest of any Presidential candidate in United States history. In fact, the only Presidential candidate more unpopular than Hillary Clinton was — you guessed it — Donald Trump.

For further analysis, check out our article on the states with the lowest voter turnout.

For complete state by state turnout numbers among the voting eligible population and the voting age population, take a look at the spreadsheet assembled by the United States Election Project.


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